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As you may have already seen, the PoF kitpack v1.0 is finished.

You can download it from the PoF website -

It's an english version of the PoF kitpack, you need to have Divine_Remix v5 from G3 installed -

PoF Kitpack adds 3 new kits to each class, except cleric class.

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Příspěvek od BGslayer » 21.11.2006 23:29

Yarpen has just released new version of the PoF kitpack.

You can download it from the PoF webiste -

Like by the 1. version, you need to have Divine_Remix V5 from G3 installed.

The PoF kitapck version 2 adds 18 new kits.

Here are the descriptions of the kits:



MERCENARY: This is a full-round fighter, capable of fighting with melee or ranged weapons. He's well trained in using his racial weapons, but has trouble with other types. Also, he's able to focus himself for a few moments and fight harder than in his normal state.

Mercenaries can select any alignment with "neutral" in it.

- Gain 1 free proficiency point for his racial melee and ranged weapons.
- Once per day per 5 levels, he can use the 'Inspiration' ability, which grants him for 30 seconds: +2 to THACO and damage, +1 to saving throws, AC and morale, and 1 additional attack per round.

- Can achieve grand mastery only in his racial weapons. In other types he is limited to standard specialisation (2 points).
- Can't use plate mail

Special thing - racial weapons:
Human, elven, half-elven: longsword and longbow
Dwarven: axe and crossbow
Gnomish: hammer and crossbow
Halfling: short sword and sling
Half-orc: axe and longbow

SHIELDBEARER: This type of warrior makes up the main part of most Faerunian armies. He's an expert in defensive fighting with tactical shield-using. But he must be paid for his fighting skills.

- +1 to AC and +5% to immunity to missiles per 6 levels
- +1 to all saving throws
- Free specialisation (2 points) in sword and shield fighting style
- At will can use the 'Shield bash' ability, which gives him the potential to make a single hit with his shield. It inflicts 1D6 non-lethal damage and if the enemy fails a saving throw vs. wands, it stuns him for one round. Shieldbearers can use this ability once per 3 rounds.
- Once per day per 6 levels can use the 'Shield' ability, which grants him +4 to AC, +2 to AC vs. missiles, but he's slightly slowed. Also he can't use the shield bash ability during this time. Shield lasts 5 rounds.

- Can only achieve standard proficiency (1 point) in any weapon
- -1 Thac0 penalty at levels 4, 8, 12, 16, 20 etc.
- Can't achieve proficiencies in any fighting style other than Sword and shield style
- Can't choose whirlwind or greater whirlwind HLAs
- Can dual class only into cleric

KNIGHT: A knight is a proud, skilled melee combatant who fights in the name of honour. A knight relies on more than a sharp sword and a stout suit of armour to defeat his foes. His drive, determination, and fighting spirit allow him to control the battlefield in ways that others cannot match.

Knight can't select chaotic alignments.

- +2 to THACO and damages vs. dragons
- Immunity to fear and morale break
- Trice per day can use the 'Battle shout' ability, which cure all forms of fear (but doesn't protect from later fear attacks) and gives the knight's allies +2 to THACO, damages and morale for the next 3 rounds.
- At 12th level once per day can use the 'Fight to end' ability, which grants all his allies an additional 10 hit points, +2 to AC and saving throws, immunity to fear and morale break for the next 10 rounds. After that they lose the temporary hit points.

- Is limited to mastery (3 points) in melee weapons
- Can't use ranged weapons
- Can't dual class to thief


MILITARIST: The Militarist is a battlefield virtuoso. War is a sacred act, he believes, and a chance for spiritual redemption. By defeating enemies in combat, he pays tribute to his gods and secures his place in the afterlife.

Sphere access:
- None

- +1 to THACO and damage
- Can achieve mastery (3 points) in any weapon
- Once per day per 4 levels can use the 'Smite infidels' ability, which grants him in the next round +4 to THACO and damage bonus.

- Can't cast spells
- Can't turn undead

ZEALOT: Like other paladins, the devoutly religious Zealots function as soldiers of their church. But Zealots are far more militant, considering devotees of "false" religions as the epitome of evil. Additionally, Zealots follow an unusually strict ethos that includes vows of poverty and chastity.

Because he has a more restrictive code, he can choose only the lawful neutral alignment. Also by his lack of social skills, he has lower charisma requirements.

Sphere access:
- Major: all, combat, law, protection, war and divination

- Additional +1 to saving throws
- Once per day can cast 'Armour of faith'
- Gains improved spell progression (can cast 5 spells of 1st and 2nd levels, and 4 spells of 3rd and 4th levels)

- Can't use the 'lay on hands' ability
- -1 penalty to reputation at start

MEDICIAN: On the front lines of battle against evil, injury is inevitable. Where the carnage is at its worst, the Medician can be found keeping his allies alive and tending to the fallen. For a Medician, the goal is not to kill the enemy but to make sure the enemy does not kill his allies.

Spheres access:
- Major: healing, protection, divination and necromancy

- Immunity to diseases and poison
- Gains an additional lay on hands ability every 6 levels
- At 1st level can once per day cast Sanctuary
- At 8th level can once per day cast Cure diseases
- At 12th level can once per day cast Mass heal
- At 17th level can once per day cast Raise dead

- Can achieve specialisation (2 points) only in dagger, staff, club, mace, short sword, crossbow, sling and dart.
- -2 penalty to damage


SCOUT: Any force on the move, whether it's an army or an adventuring group needs information about what's ahead and what's behind and, more important, time to prepare for battle. A scout can navigate difficult terrain at good speed, and he specializes in seeing his foe before the opponent ever detects his presence. In a dungeon or in the wild, a scout is seen only when he wants to be.

Sphere access:
- None

- Gains +20% bonus to hide in shadows and silent walking
- +3 to sight range bonus
- At 5th level gains +1 to movement speed. Gains next +1 at 11th level.
- Once per day can use 'Skirmish' ability, which grants him +1 (and an additional +1 per 5 levels - max +5 at 20th level) bonus to THACO, movement speed and AC for the next 4 rounds.
- At 16th level can once per day cast on himself Freedom of movement.

- Can't use metal weapons and armour
- Can't cast standard druidic spells
- Can't dual class into cleric

SEEKER: This ranger has a better connection with the spirit of the environment than anyone else. Nature grants him many powers, wisdom and abilities, which can be helpful in the fight against enemies.

The Seeker can choose from any non-evil alignment, but he still can lose his title (becoming a "fallen ranger").

Sphere access:
- Minor: all, animal, healing, plant, divination, protection and weather

- +10 to lore at start
- Gain bonus spells from 1-4 levels
- Can use items limited only to druids
- At 7th level can once per day shape change into a wolf

- Can achieve specialisation only in weapons limited to druids
- Does not get the free 2 points in two-weapons fighting style
- Can't use metal armour

TEMPEST: The Tempest is the point of calm within a whirling barrier of deadly weapons. Poets use colourful terms such as 'dancer' to describe the movements of the Tempest and his two weapons, but mastery of this fighting style is not about dancing. Nor is it about impressing anyone - least of all poets. The Tempest focuses on learning the ultimate secrets of two-weapon fighting for a single purpose - the destruction of his enemies.

Sphere access:
- Minor: all, animal, healing, plant, and weather

- Can achieve mastery in any melee weapon
- Ambidexterity: Tempest do not get the standard -2 Thac0 penalty for off-hand weapons
- Once per day can use the 'Parry' ability, which grants him +2 to AC and one hit deflection possibility per 5 levels (starting at 5th level with one deflection) for the next 5 rounds.
- Once per day can use the 'Tempest' ability, which grants him in the next 5 rounds one additional attack per 5 levels (starting at 5th level with one additional attack) but also gives a -2 penalty to THACO.

- Is limited to proficiency in ranged weapons
- Can't use the hide in shadows skill
- Can't wear plate armour
- Can't use Charm animals


GUILD THIEF: Guild thieves are thieves who operate in urban areas as part of an organized thieves' guild. They control and manipulate almost all the crime in their home cities. Guild thieves generally know their minions, their co-workers, and their superior. This web of secrecy preserves the organization, because any that are captured can only sell out a few others.

The Guild thief is a specialist in non-combat thief talents like a trap finding or hiding in shadows. It makes him an excellent burglar. But he's a thief - not a murderer, and is not able to backstab.

- Starts with +5% bonus to all thief skills
- Gains +5% to open locks and detect traps per 2 levels (after 19th, per 3 levels)

- Can't backstab

ARCANE TRICKSTER: Arcane Tricksters combine their knowledge of spells with a taste of intrigue, larceny, or just plain mischief. They are among the most adaptable of adventurers.

- Once per day at levels divisible by 5 (1,5,10,15,20, etc.) can cast Reflected image, Luck and Non-detection. These spells have a casting time of 1 and duration of 1 round per level.
- At 12th level can once per day cast Shadow doors
- At 17th level can once per day cast Mislead

- Has a limited backstab multiplier. 1-8: 1x, 9-16: 2x, 17+: 3x.
- Gains only 15% of thief skills

THUG: The Thug is the most violent sort of thief. Assassins are killers, certainly, but they depend on refinement and subtlety. Bounty hunters also are willing to use violence, but are relatively restrained as well. Thugs depend only on their bloodlust and brutality.

Cannot choose any good or lawful alignment.

- +2 to melee damage bonus
- +5% to pickpocket and hide in shadows
- Can achieve specialisation in dagger, club, short sword, long sword, and can put 3 points in two weapons style
- Once per day per 3 levels can use 'Bull rush' ability, which grants him in the next round +1 to damage per 3 levels. Also any hit has a 25% chance to stun the enemy (save vs. wands negates). But the stun effect doesn't work on creatures which have more than 90 hit points.

- Gains only 20% thief skills per level
- Gains only 1 lore point per level
- Gains set traps at half the rate of a normal thief
- -3 penalty to intelligence and charisma

SPELLSINGER: Spellsingers are rare practitioners of an ancient Elven bardic tradition. Like bards, spellsingers work magic with song and poetics, but, whereas bards draw on the Weave through singing and poetry, spellsingers are truly part of the Weave. As such, spellsingers can work magic through music with greater effect and flexibility than other bards.

They have an innate talent for spell casting, and minor immunity to magic, but are more vulnerable to deadly spells attacks.

- +1 to saving throws vs. spells and wands
- Gain 1 bonus spell per level
- Spellsong: This song makes the bard's companions more protected against enemy magic. But also there's a 5% chance to forget one remembered spell from daily spells.
1st level: +1 to saving throw vs. spells
15th level: +2 to saving throw vs. spells, +5% immunity to magic
20th level: +4 to saving throw vs. spells, +15% immunity to magic

- Can't use standard bardsong
- -2 to saving throw vs. death
- Gains only 1/4 of pickpocket skill
- Gains only 5 points of lore per level

BEGUILER: Beguilers see lying and manipulation as tools. Just as a hammer can be used to build a house or crack a skull, deceit and the ability to control others can be used for good or ill. A lie whispered in the right ear can ruin lives, but a dishonest smile and honeyed words can open doors, turn foes into friends, and even end wars.

Beguilers have reputations as rakes, thieves, spies and puppet masters, but they can also be diplomats, peacemakers, or heroic leaders who give hope in desperate situations.

- Immunity to charm and domination
- Starts with +10% pickpocket bonus
- Beguiler song: this bardsong charms enemies who fail their saving throw vs. spells. At 1st level the save has a +3 modifier, at 15th level this is reduced to 0, and at 20th to -2.
- Once per day per 5 levels (starting at 5) can use the 'Charming gaze' ability, which charms the selected creature for 5 rounds (but the enemy can make a saving throw with a -2 penalty.). If he fails his save, he also gains a -2 to saving throw and -5% to magic immunity penalties for 10 rounds.

- Gains only 3 lore points per level
- Can't use standard bardsong

DERVISH: Wild, exotic, and as dangerous as his whirling blades, the dervish epitomizes speed, quickness and abandon. Her motions appear to be as random as they are graceful, but the steps of her lethal dance play out according to their own rhythm.

- Can achieve specialisation (2 points) in any 1-handed sword
- Sword dance: this bardsong deals damages to enemies around of Dervish, got chance for blind them and give small bonus to AC and movement speed of bard.
1st level: deals 1D4 damages, 50% chance for blind (save vs. wands negate), +1 to AC and movement speed for Dervish
15th level: deals 1D6 damages, 75% chance for blind (save vs. wands negate), +2 to AC and movement speed for Dervish
20th level: deals 1D8 damages, blind (save vs. wands negate), +3 to AC and movement speed for Dervish

- -2 penalty to Thac0 and damage when use ranged weapons
- Can't use standard bardsong
- Can't cast spells


WEATHER ENCHANTER: This wandering druid is a specialist in enchanting weather. By his spells and abilities, he can summon lighting and ice swarms. Also he can protect others from deadly nature powers.

Sphere access:
- Major: all, animal, elemental (all), healing, plant, sun and weather

- Once per day per 4 levels can use the 'Storm shield' spell, which grants one person immunity to fire, cold and lighting for 8 rounds.
- Once per day per 7 levels (starting at 7th level.) can cast 'Call lightning' and 'Ice storm'

- Can't shape change

HIVEMASTER: The Hivemaster druid lives to foster insectoid and arachnid life wherever it exists. Hivemasters appear somewhat enigmatic. Many attempt to instill insectoid virtues in their followers, such as patience, hard work, and close cooperation. A Hivemaster's grove usually centres on the dwelling place of the creature for which the druid has the greatest affinity - a forest covered with spider webs, a field with beehives, etc.

Sphere access:
- Major: all, animal (only insect-based), elemental (all), healing, plant, sun and weather
- Additional mage spells: Web, Spider spawn, Carrion summon

- +4 to saving throws vs. poison
- Immunity to web and insect summoning spells
- At 7th level can once per day shape change into a giant spider
- At 15th level his connection with insects is rising. He gains infravision (regardless of race) and immunity to poison and hold.

- Loses all standard druid powers (like normal shape changing and immunities)
- -2 to charisma penalty

BLIGHTER: When a druid turns away from the land, the land turns away from her. Some ex-druids make peace with this change, others seek to restore the bond. A few however, actually embrace their disconnection from nature and become forces of destruction. These few, called blighters, leave their mark wherever they tread.

Sphere access:
- Major: all, necromancy, elemental (all), healing, sun and weather

- Once per day per 4 levels (starting at 5th level) can use 'Contagion touch'. After using that ability, the next touch attack will inflict disease on the enemy. Victim will lose 2 points of strength, constitution and charisma, inflict 10 damage and slow him for next 10 rounds if he fails a saving throw vs. death without a modifier. It's a magic disease which can't be cured by the 'Cure disease' spell.
- At 15th level he changes into an undead creature. Gains immunity to mind-affecting spells, fear and cold. Also, his constitution is changed to 10, but he gains +20 hit points.

- Loses all standard druid powers (like normal shape changing and immunities vs. elementals)
- -2 penalty to constitution[/url]

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Paladins of Faerun Trailer is available to download from the PoF website!


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